Saturday, February 12, 2011

Does it really work?

I hate to throw away food. I hate, hate, hate it. I feel like I might as well drop cash in the garbage.

I recently opened my veggie crisper to find that I had let a stalk of celery age past it's prime. DARN IT! I get so annoyed with myself when I let that happen. Then I remembered reading online somewhere that you can soak stalks of celery in water for 24 hours to rehydrate and revitalize them.

I decided to give it a try:

So...does it really work?

For me, yes and no. Ultimately my stalks were returned to a fair amount of firmness, but I had to let them soak in the water for three days, not one. The stalks weren't super crispy as if they were fresh from the grocery store, but they were firm enough I was able to use them in a couple recipes.

Would I do it again? Probably not. I think I'll just try harder not to let the celery get soft!

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